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Jason Noel Founder/Owner, N.S.C.A. Certified Personal Trainer

Jason, with over 5 years experience in the industry is the only trainer leading LifeFit. He began with the dream of waking up everyday being able to do something he loves and changing someone’s life at the same time. Now Jason has the chance to and is excited for every Monday that comes for a chance to do it all over again. His love for fitness, nutrition and life changes shows in his training style. Jason delivers consistent and challenging workouts and brings a positive up beat personality to help pull you along the way. He is a constant student of the field and continues his education of the nutrition and fitness every day.  

Jason has a background in triathlons, Crossfit, motocross, golf, and football. He still enjoys participating leisurely and competing today.  His goal is to be able to expand LifeFit to a bigger facility within a year to be able to provide his passion to a larger audience.


Larry Alspaugh A.C.E Certifed Personal Trainer

Larry Alspaugh began his spirit of altruism within public service. In 1997 Larry enlisted into the United States Air Force where he served six years honorably in peace time and in war. His enlistment began in Monterey, CA at the Defense Language Institute/Presidio of Monterey where he studied Russian Linguistics. From there he joined the ranks of the 72nd Security Forces Squadron at Tinker AFB, OK to serve the rest of his enlistment. Larry deployed from Tinker AFB to the Middle East prior to and following the tragedies of 9/11 in support of Operations Northern Watch and Enduring Freedom. After returning stateside he was selected as a Unit Trainer for the 72SFS as well as a trainer at Tinker AFB Health and Wellness Center. The latter became the inspiration to begin his journey into personal training and dietetics. He became a certified personal trainer through the American Council On Exercise and began training as a passion/hobby.

After his Honorable Discharge from the Air Force in 2003, Larry returned home and became a certified police officer where he served the community of Tampa for six years. Serving society as a law enforcement officer was demanding and rewarding yet Larry felt the need to answer a higher calling. And so began his path into healthcare and emergency medicine. He progressed quickly through First Responder, EMT, EMT-Paramedic and Firefighter schools, earning several distinctions from Academic Excellence (Dean’s list, Phi Theta Kappa) and Performance Excellence (MVP from peers and cadre, Excellence Award, Class Commander at Ridge Fire Academy). During his service in Firefighter/Paramedic and EMT-Paramedic roles, Larry discovered his passion to make a true difference in healthcare in the form of nutrition and fitness. He enrolled in the Dietetics program at Keiser University where he again excelled academically making Dean’s List as well as remaining active in the community through peer organizations (Student Veteran’s Association, Phi Theta Kappa, Toastmasters, and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics). Today he embodies a true sense of altruism in helping others to reach their goals in health and fitness by making fitness suitable to all, regardless of background or hindrances

Justin Boswell N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer / I.A.S.A. Certified sports nutrition specialist

Justin has 7 years experience training in many different areas of fitness including weightloss, muscle development, endurance training, high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) and mixed martial arts. Just trains and competes as amatuer M.M.A. fighter with hopes to make it to the pro circuit in the nest 2 years. He is an avid weight lifter, competitive submission grappling athlete, and endurance athlete.