Ryan Capehart

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED Certification

 ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification

It is my passion to help people improve their lives and their health through exercise. I provide my clients with the tools and knowledge that are necessary for them to reach their individualgoalsWhether it be weight loss, strength training, sports competition preparationor just overall health improvement, will help you crush your goals. I have a keen interest in all aspects of fitness and nutrition, and I continually educate myself in both areas in order to further aid my clientele. My personal training approach involves both functional and HIIT training and includes the correct use of kettlebells. My free time is spent training for competitive Jiu Jitsu, and as such, recovery and mobility techniques are an important aspect of physical wellness that I pass along to every client. Let me help you to achieve your goals through my effective and well-rounded approach, so you can maximize your potential, while minimizing your risk for injury.     .

Other Trainers

Rick Rinshed

NASM  Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED Certified

5 years experience

Jason Noel

Founder & Owner
N.S.C.A. Certified Trainer
9  years experience

Justin Boswell

N.A.S.M. Certified Trainer
I.S.S.A. Nutrition Specialist
9 years experience

Leslie Jenkins

7 years experience

National Academy of Sports Medicine

NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist