Personal Training

LifeFit Personal Training Studio is pleased to offer a safe and effective fitness program for our expectant mothers to ensure they are at their peak level of fitness when it’s time to deliver. Strength and flexibility contributes highly to a more positive delivery experience and an easier recovery.

Some of the benefits of fitness specific to pregnancy for pre and post natal clients are more energy during pregnancy, reduced stress and anxiety, quicker recovery from birth, fewer complications in pregnancy, shorter labor time & increased self esteem!

Our personal trainers will design a customized pregnancy fitness program that will help you gain the strength and stamina required for labor and delivery, alleviate pregnancy aches and pains, improve your mood and sleep patterns, reduces tension, anxiety and fatigue, and increase your muscle tone and energy levels.

If you just gave birth, our personal trainers will safely and effectively help you lose excess “Baby Weight” and learn how to get your flat tummy back quickly and permanently after delivery!

Major Benefits of Prenatal Exercise:

  • Helps to improve energy levels & decreases common maternal discomforts
  • Less problematic labor and delivery
  • Faster return to activities of daily living in the postpartum period
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