Leslie Jenkins

7 years experience

National Academy of Sports Medicine

NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

I am a wife, mother and an avid believer in taking care of one’s self through health and fitness. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. Before I started training, 5 years ago, I practiced Massage Therapy in Michigan for 4 years. I learned a lot working closely with the doctor that I worked for, and this started the path to truly understanding the how’s and why’s to taking care of yourself. Lifting heavier, running faster, easing of aches and pains, migraines, pre/ post-natal all comes down to proper human movement. I implement this type of training in with every workout and it works with whatever goal is at hand, weight loss etc. Even though I have done a little bit of everything in the fitness world, from traditional body building, competition, to boxing, none of those things would be possible without the use of proper body mechanics and movement.

Other Trainers

Rick Rinshed

NASM  Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED Certified

5 years experience

Jason Noel

Founder & Owner
N.S.C.A. Certified Trainer
9  years experience

Justin Boswell

N.A.S.M. Certified Trainer
I.S.S.A. Nutrition Specialist
9 years experience

Ryan Capehart

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED Certification

 ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification