Jeremy Whitehead

A.C.E. Certified Trainer

2 years experience

Born and raised here in Lakeland Florida Jeremy has always had a passion four Athletics and Fitness. He really became involved with exercising while playing High School football. A few years after high school Jeremy decided he wanted to take his passion for helping others into the armed services. In 2009 Jeremy join the Army as a combat medic and served one tour with the 10th Mountain Infantry Division in Southern Afghanistan. After leaving the Army in 2013 Jeremy decided to continue in the medical field as he completed

school to be a paramedic. While waiting to go to fire School, Jeremy begin personal training on the side. He realize that personal training combines his passion for Fitness as well as his passion for helping others and he decided to continue with that career path.

Jeremy has been training and helping others for over 2 years now and takes great pride in his service to the community. Jeremy has helped clients who have not only achieved weight loss but are also no longer diabetic and client who are no longer on blood pressure medications. He specializes in high intensity heart rate training as well as bodybuilding which he pursues as a pastime.

I am super excited to be working with lifefit and the Lakeland Community and I can't wait to how many lives we can impact

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Founder & Owner
N.S.C.A. Certified Trainer
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