Personal Training

Our trainers will use their expertise to design an exercise program specifically meet your individual goals. We will consider things like health history, body type, goals, and prior injuries or limitations in the design of your workouts.

You won’t ever grow bored or use to a workout because LifeFit designs a NEW workout for each session. Your body is a master at changing and adapting, when this happens the program intensifies to keep you challenged. At your request, we will offer you workouts and nutrition guidance when you are out of the studio.

To help track progress of reaching your goals, LifeFit has weekly weigh ins and 6 week body measurements. You will also complete fitness challenge tests to help track your results. With the right fitness plan and the right personal fitness trainer you’ll exceed your own expectations. We believe in keeping open communication at all times because we want to ensure you, the client is satisfied at all times.

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