Sport specific training refers to the development and refinement of athletic skills that is particular for a certain sport, such as pitching a baseball, swinging a golf club or tennis racket, or the lateral movements required in most sports.

LifeFit can help athletes by providing sports fitness training to improve or maintain their skill level or improve their fundamental movement patterns to prevent injuries. Each training program is tailored to each athlete’s goals, abilities, and sport.

Proper preparation will reduce your chances of injury and improve your performance. We start with a movement assessment and an understanding of the demands of your sport. We identify the gaps and design a sport specific training program to address your individual needs.

Whether your sport is golf, tennis, baseball, cycling, running, or any other sport enthusiast, your trainer will develop a sport fitness training program to help you reach your maximum potential.

Many athletes practice their sport, but fail to implement strength and conditioning training from a professional that will help them reach their full potential and help prevent injuries. A proper sport fitness training regiment is extremely important, especially in the developmental years. Any sport requiring strength, speed, and agility, we can help develop and condition that athlete and give them the edge they need to beat the competition. Clients of any age level and ability are welcome at LifeFit.

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